Request an Intake

Intake Process

  • Initial Call: Potential clients or service providers should call 303-295-2001. RMvlc staff will conduct an initial screening and gather basic information (contact information, names, demographics) to complete a conflict check, and will schedule an initial intake appointment as appropriate. Most intakes are completed by phone.
  • Intake: During the telephone intake appointment, staff will gather information about the case and legal needs of the caller and may provide basic information and referrals at that time. Intakes are typically done by telephone.
  • Review: RMvlc staff review intakes to determine what assistance RMvlc can provide.
  • Case Selection: RMvlc will follow-up to offer services ranging from information and referrals to limited assistance. If direct legal representation is offered, details will be discussed and a written engagement agreement completed.

*RMvlc is only providing direct legal representation if a written engagement agreement is completed and signed by both an RMvlc attorney and the client(s).

Contact Us Intake Form (In Spanish: Formulario para pedir servicios de RMvlc)