Harassment & Stalking


Harassment includes many different behaviors including physical contact that doesn't result in injury - for example, pushing, shoving, or kicking.  Harassment also includes using obscene language or gestures in public, following someone in public, telephone or digital harassment, and taunting, insulting, or challenging another person to try and provoke a response.

Stalking is when someone repeatedly follows, approaches, contacts, tries to communicate with, or watches another person (or someone that person is close to). In connection with that behavior, the stalker either threatens that person or does those things in a way that causes the person to suffer serious emotional distress.  

Some warning signs of Harassment/Stalking include:

  • Showing up unannounced, or waiting around at places where the victim is
  • Damaging the victim’s property
  • Leaving unwanted gifts or items for the victim
  • Using social networking or technology to track the victim

If you or someone you know needs help on this topic, click here for some Denver-based and national organizations.

To see Colorado statutes on Harassment, click here. To see Colorado statutes on Stalking, click here.