Small Claims


Some types of cases can be brought to Small Claims Court if they are not complicated and involve less than $7,500. For example, cases where people want to: have money or property returned, make a contract, or end or change a contract.

For example, Small Claims Court might involve:

  1. A disagreement between a landlord and a tenant about a security deposit.
  2. Someone wants another person to sign over a car title.
  3. A disagreement between neighbors about who owns part of the property.
  4. Someone who doesn’t pay back a loan for less than $7,500
  5. A replevin action to recover property

Small Claims Courts do not take cases of libel, slander, eviction, traffic violations, or any criminal matters.

Small Claims Court can be faster and easier to understand than other civil courts. In Small Claims Court in Colorado, people usually do not have lawyers and represent themselves, which is called proceeding pro se”.

To file a Small Claims case, you will have to fill out and file forms with the court, pay a filing fee, and give the other person a copy of the forms, called service of process. Information on how to file a Small Claims case is here.