Paternity law deals with the identity of a child's biological father.

Before a court can make any decisions about a child, the identity of both biological parents must be clear. A parent (often the mother) may file a paternity case to identify the father of a child. Once paternity is proven, the court can enter orders about custody, parenting time, and child support.

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A Paternity case can be filed as part of a child support or custody case that has already been filed in court, or it can be filed as a new case.   A new paternity case should be filed in the county where the child or the alleged father lives. In Denver County, paternity cases are filed at the Denver Juvenile Court.

 Paternity, custody, and child support can be difficult and stressful processes. When intimate partner abuse has happened between parents, victims and their children can face safety issues in these court processes. We strongly encourage victims of intimate partner abuse to contact us. 

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