Get Help

Are you wondering if RMvlc can assist with a legal issue you, or a victim you are supporting, might be facing? You can complete the Can RMvlc Help Me? (In Spanish: ¿Puede RMvlc ayudarme?; In French: Est-ce que RMvlc peut m'aider) questionnaire for more information and / or resources.

Would you like to initiate a call back from an RMvlc staff member to complete an intake? You can do so online by completing the RMvlc Intake Request form (In Spanish: Formulario para pedir servicios de RMvlc; (In French: Formulaire de demande d'admission RMvlc).

For either of the above, you are also welcome to call us at 303-295-2001, or email us at or

For additional information and resources, you can also visit our Resources List