Victim Rights Victim Services Specialist
Rebecca Oakes, Victim Rights Victim Services Specialist

In 2007 Rebecca L. Oakes was appointed by Governor Ritter and reappointed by Governor Hickenlooper to serve on the (then) seven-member Colorado State Board of Parole. Ms. Oakes was appointed in July of 2013 by Governor Hickenlooper to serve as the Vice Chairperson of the Colorado State Board of Parole. Ms. Oakes held hearings to consider applications for parole and conducted proceedings involving the possible revocation of parole. Ms. Oakes was the longest serving member of the Colorado State Board of Parole and was recently certified as a facilitator for high-risk victim/offender dialogue. Prior to her appointment to the Parole Board, Ms. Oakes worked for the Division of Youth Services (DYS) as the Victim Services Coordinator. As the Victim Services Coordinator, Ms. Oakes was responsible for the development, oversight and coordination of victim services for the Division. Prior to her employment at DYS, Ms. Oakes worked for the Department of Public Safety, Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ) as the Victim Rights Act Specialist for the State of Colorado, and subsequently as the State and Local VALE (Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement) Administrator where she also provided guidance and oversight to the 22 local VALE programs and administered the State VALE grant program. Prior to working at DCJ, Ms. Oakes was a victim advocate in the Denver District Attorney's Office for five years. Primarily assigned to the Juvenile Unit, Ms. Oakes had also worked in the office's District, Drug and County Court units, and served as a volunteer victim advocate for the Oklahoma City bombing trial. Ms. Oakes served as a Commissioner on the Crime Prevention and Control Commission for the City & County of Denver by appointment of Governor Hickenlooper. Ms. Oakes also served on the Victims' Compensation and Assistance Coordinating Committee by appointment of Governor Owens from 1999 until 2000. Ms. Oakes is a cum laude graduate of California State University with a degree in psychology. Rebecca is also a graduate of the 2005 Leadership Denver Program administered by the Denver Metro Chamber Foundation and served on the state restorative Justice Council as the Parole Board representative from 2013 - 2019. Ms. Oakes is also a Board member for the Friends of the Haven, a drug and alcohol treatment therapeutic community that provides services to pregnant women and women with small children.