Core Values

  • Victims Matter Most in All We Do: Our work is driven by victim autonomy and is responsive to the impacts and realities of trauma. We believe people are more than their victimization. Victims are first and foremost in all activities, decisions, and actions of the organization.
  • Advocacy: The legal rights of victims are not well recognized. We are driven by the knowledge that what we do makes a difference, not only to individual victims, but also on a larger scale. We work to transform legal systems to facilitate access to justice and expand enforceable rights for victims. Access to justice creates positive social and system change.
  • Inclusiveness and Diversity: We understand that people of all identities are, and may become, victims of violence. We recognize systems of power and privilege are deeply rooted in the legal system. We aim to continually address, and ultimately dismantle, the structures that perpetuate systemic discrimination and oppression as we attempt to balance the system and increase access to justice for all victims of violence.
  • Dignity: We respect the dignity of all. We deem this a foundation for the provision of safe, accessible, and trauma-informed services.
  • Organizational Integrity: RMvlc thrives on the unique engagement of its staff, interns, volunteers, Board of Directors, donors, community partners, and other supporters. We recognize all contributions to the organization as an invaluable resource in fulfilling RMvlc’s mission, vision, and values. RMvlc is committed to ensuring appropriate financial resources, policies, and procedures that are in line with our mission, vision, values, and strategy.
  • Education and Awareness: We have an integral role in expanding knowledge of victims’ rights and increasing capacity to address the complex needs of victims in Colorado. We aim to increase access to legal services through accessible and multifaceted education.