Other Services

Technical Assistance and Consultation

RMvlc staff is available to provide technical assistance to victim service providers, law enforcement agencies, judges, and prosecutors. We consult with district attorneys, law enforcement, and representatives from governmental agencies throughout Colorado on behalf of victims of violent crime. Our range and duration of expertise provides an important perspective on legal representation in the victim rights and victim advocacy fields.

Training and Outreach

The staff of RMvlc conducts trainings and educational presentations to victim advocates, prosecutors, judges, law enforcement officers, and others regarding the RMvlc legal clinic and enforcement of crime victims' rights. RMvlc presents on a variety of criminal topics including Colorado and Federal Victims' Rights Acts issues, victim rights, trauma behavior, and vicarious trauma. RMvlc collaborates with victim advocates, criminal justice, and law enforcement agencies on Colorado victims' issues.

Social Service Referrals

RMvlc works with clients to ensure that both legal and non-legal needs are met. RMvlc does not provide counseling, but our staff is able to refer victims to services which are available in Colorado. RMvlc's Client Services Coordinator and Executive Director have extensive experience working with victims of trauma, sexual assault, domestic violence, and other violent crimes. New clients will have a thorough needs assessment and be provided with referrals to social services that may assist with a victim's treatment and recovery.

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