Pro Bono Legal Representation

Representation for Victims of Violent Crimes in Colorado Criminal Cases

  • Empowering victims with knowledge of the justice system
  • Strengthening victims' cases and offering assistance to the prosecution
  • Protecting victims' privacy rights
  • Protecting victims' rights under Colorado and Federal Victims' Rights Acts

As a non-profit organization devoted exclusively to protecting the rights of violent crime victims, we provide our clients with a keen understanding of the justice system and its rules. In the days, weeks, and months following a traumatic incident, victims and their families often feel lost about where and how to begin. We help victims and their families formulate a plan and provide a sheltering buffer in a system that can be overwhelming and impersonal.

The purpose of the Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center is the litigation and enforcement of violent crime victims' rights by providing direct, pro-bono legal representation for victims seeking to enforce their rights under the Colorado and Federal Crime Victims' Rights Acts. Our legal skill and experience spans violent criminal cases including homicide, sexual assault, child molestation, assault, robbery, menacing, stalking, and domestic violence.

We spend considerable time with our clients and encourage open, ongoing communication to ensure that our representation suits a victim’s individual needs and priorities.  The Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center works to ensure that the criminal justice system treats victims with fairness, dignity and respect by advocating on behalf of victims while working with law enforcement, prosecutors, and the courts to encourage a more meaningful interaction with the criminal justice system for our clients.


RMvlc represents child and adult victims of violence, including but not limited to the victims of sexual abuse, homicide, domestic violence, stalking, and vehicular assault. Clients must either be current residents of Colorado or victims of a crime that occurred in the state of Colorado, and the victim must be involved in an existing criminal matter. We represent victims in Federal, Colorado, and Tribal criminal courts. RMvlc serves all population groups and especially welcomes clients from traditionally under-served populations. RMvlc does not litigate domestic, family, or civil cases.

What is the Referral Process?

When a potential client calls RMvlc, we will arrange a phone intake appointment with the victim or victim's representative to gather initial information about the case. After the intake is completed, the case will be staffed with our attorneys and we will contact you. If RMvlc agrees to take a case, we may set up an in-person meeting with the victim or the victim's representative to gather additional information. We are happy to suggest referrals to other agencies if we are unable to take a particular case. 
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