Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center
Transforming the criminal justice system to consistently honor the voice of every victim and vigorously safeguard victims' rights.
A world in which victims rights are inherently understood, respected, and
 universally honored as part of our culture.


Who are we?

The Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center is a Colorado nonprofit organization that provides free legal representation for victims of violent crime in criminal cases aiding with the enforcement of both Colorado and Federal Crime Victims' Rights Acts.  We operate as independent legal counsel charged to protect the legal rights and best interests of the victim through a broad-based approach grounded in litigation, creative problem-solving, and extensive knowledge of the judicial system.  

Crime Victims' Rights

Victims have rights under both the Colorado and Federal Victims' Rights Acts. Victims' rights include:
  • The Right to be Present in Court
  • The Right to be Heard
  • The Right to be Free from Harassment, Intimidation, and Harm
  • The Right to a Swift and Fair Resolution of a Criminal Case
  • Privacy Rights
  • Restitution Rights 

What Services Does RMvlc Offer?

  • Pro Bono Legal Case Representation
  • Community Referrals
  • Training and Outreach
  • Technical Assistance and Consultation 
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Are you interested in an Internship?

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